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How to get there

Suomenlinna is only accessible by water. Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL) runs a ferry service from the Market Square (Kauppatori) to Suomenlinna throughout the year. JT-Line operates a water bus in the summer. A service boat runs throughout the year from Katajanokka.


The two-kilometre (1.24 mile) crossing takes about 15 to 20 minutes. Ferries run from one to four times an hour, depending on the season. Suomenlinna brochures are available on the ferry, so you can plan your visit during the crossing.

HSL ferry

The ferry departs from the eastern side of Market Square, opposite the President’s Castle. At Suomenlinna the ferry departs from the main pier on Iso Mustasaari island. The ferry is part of the city transport network and all HSL tickets are accepted.

You need to buy your ferry ticket before boarding. Tickets can be bought from ticket machines or the Market Square ferry booth, which is open daily during the summer from 9 am to 6 pm (special opening hours apply during Midsummer). Check ticket prices from HSL. Free crossing with a Helsinki Card.


The nearest parking bays to the Suomenlinna ferries are in the Market Square. No accessible parking bays have been designated for people with impaired mobility. Cobblestones make crossing the square difficult for anyone using a mobility aid equipped with wheels.

Ticket machines are located at the Market Square (outside the terminal building), the Katajanokka harbour building and the main pier at Suomenlinna. Wheelchair users or little people may find the ticket machines hard to reach. During the summer, you can purchase tickets from the terminal building at Kauppatori. Seating is provided  in  the terminal building

The Tor, Suokki and Suomenlinna II ferries are boarded via a ramp. The most accessible ferry to Suomenlinna is Suomenlinna II. Its doors are button operated and the thresholds between the parking deck and cabin are low. The cabin is big enough for wheelchairs, but there are no designated places for people with impaired mobility and wheelchairs cannot be secured. No accessible toilet facilities are available on any of the ferries.

JT-Line waterbus

WaterbusThe waterbus departs from the Kolera-allas area of Kauppatori, near the Esplanadi Park. At Suomenlinna the waterbus departs from the Visitor Centre pier and also stops at the King’s Gate. You can buy tickets for the waterbus on board or from the ticket booth. HSL tickets are not valid on the waterbus.


The water level determines how easy it is to access the waterbus via the ramp on a wheelchair. Wheelchair users need to be accompanied by a carer/companion. The ramp is narrow and electric wheelchairs cannot board the waterbus. The Visitor Centre waterbus pier is accessible to wheelchairs, but visitors should be aware that the ramp is steep (the maximum inclination of the fixed part is 15%). The inclination of the lower part of the ramp varies according to the water level. The waterbus pier at the King’s Gate is not accessible to wheelchairs because of the stairs. Wheelchair users should take the ferry instead of the waterbus.

Service boat

Service ferry

The service boat transports vehicles and passengers on weekdays from Katajanokka to the service pier at Iso Mustasaari. The boat runs about once an hour.


The ticket machine in Katajanokka is in the harbour building, which is accessed via a steep ramp. Only one side of the ramp is equipped with a hand rail. The door is heavy and equipped with a shutter. The doorway is narrow and cannot be widened. The floor is dangerously slippery when wet and in snowy shoes. The bench next to the ticket machine is a good place to rest. Toilet facilities in the building are not accessible.

The service boat deck can be accessed easily but the cabin is small. Doorways are narrow and thresholds high. However, you can sit in the car for the duration of the short crossing.

Accessibility in Suomenlinna

Purchase a ticket with your mobile phoneThe Suomenlinna main pier has a shelter where you can wait if it rains. There is room for one wheelchair or pram/pushchair next to the benches. The glass walls of the shelter do not have colour contrast marking, which makes it difficult for visually impaired people to see them.

The buttons and display of the ticket machine are high off the ground. You can also purchase a ticket with your mobile phone – instructions are included on the guidepost in the shelter.

Timetables and prices

You can use the Journey Planner to plan your trip to Suomenlinna.

Helsinki City Transport Travel Information Center, tel. 0100 111
JT-Line waterbuses, tel. (09) 534 806
Suomenlinnan Liikenne Oy, tel. (09) 3102 1000