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The Docks


The construction of the Suomenlinna naval dock began in 1750. The dock’s basins and service building operated as the base for the Swedish Coastal Fleet’s Sveaborg squadron until 1808. The ships of the Swedish Coastal Fleet were built there in the 1760s under the supervision of the famous naval architect, Fredrik Henrik af Chapman.


During the Finnish period (1918– ) the State aircraft factory used the dock for building the first aeroplanes built in Finland. In the 1930s, the dock’s inner basin was used as a naval submarine base. After the Second World War, Valmet Oy took over the ship-building operations. At first, Valmet Oy built ships as war reparations to the Soviet Union.  

The Suomenlinna dock is the oldest in Finland and one of the oldest operational dry docks in Europe.


Nowadays the dry dock’s historical large basin is used for repairing wooden sailing ships. Today, the Viaporin telakka ry foundation runs the dock. The foundation’s task is to conserve the knowledge and skills related to old sailing ships and their renovation. The area also houses a smith, a boatyard and a sail-making shop.

The restoration of old ships is mostly done in the winter. The ships are docked inside in the middle of October and moved outside at the end of April. Take a look at the docking process by clicking the picture in the right-hand column (a cartoon by Anssi Asunta).

Other services

The granary of the Tenaille von Fersen, located at the side of the dock basin, has been restored to provide facilities for conferences, meetings, concerts, theatrical performances and weddings.

How to get there

The Helsinki City Transport ferry operates to the main pier throughout the year, and from there the granary is about 600 metres away. The waterbus stops at the Tykistölahti pier during summer. The granary is about 200 metres from the pier.

How to get there by water (link to the guest harbour’s page).

Viaporin Telakka ry
Tel. +358 (0) 9 668 504
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The docking

Click on the picture!

The above picture demonstrates the docking process step by step.

The pictures are by Anssi Asunta.