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Fredrik Henrik af Chapman (1721–1809)

Fredrik Henrik af ChapmanIn 1757, Chapman was appointed junior shipwright for the shallow draft fleet. The following years he spent travelling around the west coast of Finland, making an inventory of forest resources and shipyards. In 1760, during the Seven Years' War, he was commanded to Northern Germany, where he started to design more efficient ships to replace the galleys under Augustin Ehrensvärd’s supervision. As a result of the cooperation, the archipelago fleet of Udema, Pojama, Hemmema, and Turuma type vessels was created.

After the war, Chapman started working at Sveaborg, where he led the construction of vessels of the previously mentioned types. The ships were to be used by the Sveaborg archipelago fleet and to replace the clumsy and outdated warships. In Sveaborg, Chapman also conducted artillery tests in order to find the cannon and cannon launcher types best suitable for the fleet. In 1772, he was ennobled to 'af Chapman’ and later on promoted to vice admiral. In later years, Chapman moved to Karlskrona, where he died in 1808.