Conference facilities

Curtain Hamilton-Polhem, max. 20

This small meeting room is located on Susisaari island, next to the garrison sports field. During the administration of the Defence Forces, the building was used as the equipment storage facility for the coastal artillery regiment. Since then, the building has been known locally as ‘Rättis’.

  • Suitable for: meetings
  • The lease period for conference facilities is in half day bookings from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. or from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. and in whole day bookings from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Maximum capacity: 20 people
  • Prices for years 2020-2021: 180/260€
  • Facilities: meeting room, kitchenette, toilet facilities
  • Furniture: meeting table, 20 chairs
  • Equipment: screen 65″, drawing board, blackboard, wireless internet connection, coffee set
  • Please note! The meeting room is not suitable for people with mobility difficulties.

As part of the renovation in 2009, the meeting room’s lighting and conference technology were updated and all surfaces painted, making the room even brighter and cosier than before. The kitchen is equipped with a coffee set for 20 people, coffee maker, electric water heater, stove, oven and microwave oven.

A curtain – kurtiini, is a wall or building connecting two bastions. The Hamilton-Polhem curtain connects the bastions Hamilton and Polhem.

A two-storey defence wall, constructed in 1766, was part of the outer bastion of Susisaari island. The pitched roof curtain building was built against the defence wall. A two-storey cattle house was built at the southern end. Later on, a second storey was built onto the north part as well, and a covered shooting space, sheltered by the battlements, was built on top. The vaulted gate led to the marina, from where the boats provided transport to the mainland. The interior of the building featured accommodation and storage rooms. During the Russian period the building was used as a prison garrison; later on it was used as an equipment storage facility for the Suomenlinna coastal artillery regiment. The facilities next to the vaulted gate hosted a tea room.

The upper floor of the building hosts artists’ studios; the art school Maa and the Customs Museum are located on the other side of the gate. A visit to the Customs Museum is a great way to spend a break in your conference day. The museum is open during the summer season and entrance is free of charge.

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