Exhibition at Jetty Barracks Gallery: Dear Suomi

Jetty Barracks Gallery presents exhibition Dear Suomi with artists Kenan Türkmen, Kirsi Syrlin, Kene Truve, Geneva Rosett-Hafter, Eila Leonoff, Clif Nay, Chris Fraser, Rosamaria Bolom, Suzanne Shortt, Semra Türkmen, Timo Ala-Vähälä and Julia Pärnänen.

This exhibition claims that, in the year following the celebrations of one hundred years of independence in Finland, citizens and visitors alike can discover and recognize today’s Finland as a place for creativity and diversity.

“Dear Suomi explores today´s Finland as a multicultural nation and initiates a conversation about the current state of our society”.

Hanna Kress, Curator

Free entry. Welcome!