Lähikuva linnanpihalla sijaitsevasta tykistä.

Opening hours and events



HIAP Open Studios offers the unique opportunity to meet up with the artists-in-residence and get a glimpse of the work that they have been developing during their residency.

Open Studios take place towards the end of each three-month residency season, in late May, August, and November.

The supporting curator for the spring season 2021 is Pontus Kyander.

Download the leaflet of the HIAP Open Studios Spring 2021 here: https://bit.ly/3gWy1QR

Spring Season 2021 residents at HIAP are
Anastasia Artemeva (Russia / Ireland / Finland)
Jessie Bullivant (Australia / Finland)
Freja Bäckman (Finland / Germany)
Michaela Casková (Finland / Czech Republic)
Jaana Kokko (Finland)
Anikó Kuikka Finland)
Linda and Aura (Finland)
Lucila Mayol (Argentina / Norway / Finland)
Minou Norouzi (Austria / United Kingdom)
Bita Razavi (Finland / Estonia / Iran)

It is not necessary to sign-up in advance to visit the HIAP Open Studios, unless this is specifically stated.

Photo: Sirja Moberg, Frame Finland