Exhibition of Finnish Civil War

Photo: Hanna Koikkalainen

The Auditive Photo Exhibition explores the Finnish Civil War through pictures, texts and sounds. In January 1918 civil war broke out in Finland as a consequence of WW1.

Finland had just gained independence of Russia in 1917. The Reds, i.e. the labouring class, were supported by Russian revolutionaries while the Whites, the land owners and bourgeois class, received support from Germans. The war ended on May 16, 1918 in a victory of the Whites.

The exhibition may contain material that may disturb the audience.

Venue and opening hours

The exhibition opens on 6 May and will be open during the opening hours of Suomenlinna Museum. Check opening hours

Exhibition team

  • photographer Hanna Koikkalainen
  • Heta Kaisto, Katja Lautamatti, Laura Airola
  • musician Pekko Käppi

More information

facebook/satavuotias yö

Hanna Koikkalainen, hkoikkalainen@gmail.com, p. 040 025 6980
Heta Kaisto, hetakais@gmail.com, p. 050 365 2993


  • 6.5.-6.9.2018

How to get to Suomenlinna


  • 6.5.-6.9.2018

How to get to Suomenlinna

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