“A Stage of Cellists!” Concert in Myllysali hall

In “A Stage of Cellists!” concert performs a group of cellists from music schools of Lahti and Heinola. Sudents are between 6 and 18 years old and they all share the same passion, passion for music and especially, playing cellos.

The finnish music school system provides a great opportunities to take an interest in music. Children can study instrument playing as enjoyable, although goal orientated and educational hobby, as well as to become a professional musician. The joy of succeeding and sharing that joy with others is important. That is why we are giving regular concerts to create joyful experiences, for the performers and for the audience simultaneously.

This time around the group will give a concert in Myllysali hall in Suomenlinna. They are going to perform baroque music which is suitable for the historical atmosphere, movie soundtracks favoured by the youths and songs loved by the small children.   a.

The concert begins at 2 pm. and the duration is about one hour. Free entry.

Please note that the premises are not easily accessible.