Trail of the Fortress Gnome

2014_12_14 majakka

Follow the Fortress Gnome’s trail – pick up a map from the tourist information at the Jetty Barracks!

Finland is a land of gnomes. Look carefully enough and you can spot them almost anywhere. Finnish gnomes are very old and wise and often live in historic fortresses.

Suomenlinna’s very own Fortress Gnome always makes sure he gets his Christmas preparations underway in good time. The Fortress Gnome’s Trail is a fun-filled experience. You will get a chance to spot the island’s resident gnomes as they get ready for Christmas.

You can pick up your own copy of the trail map at the tourist information at the Jetty Barracks. This map and signposts along the route will guide you to the points marked on the map. Make sure to visit the tourist information afterwards to get a small prize!

The route will be open to visitors from 2 December until 7 January 2018. To pick up your prize, visit our tourist information, open daily between 10:00 and 16:00 (closed 24.-25.12.).

For further information on the Fortress Gnome’s Trail, please contact info@suomenlinna.fi or tel: +358 (0)295 338 410