Taksi Viapori

The piloting of Taksi Viapori has started in Suomenlinna in summer 2017. Taksi Viapori is the only taxi service in the fortress, offering transportation for people and goods with a cozy and ecological way. The high-quality pedicab is electronically assisted, leaving the focus of the driver to safe and comfortable ride for the passengers.

Accepted payment methods are the common cards including Union Pay and Amex, Mobile Pay and Ali Pay and cash.

The vehicle is equipped with portable rain and wind cover, thus not used under extreme conditions. There is room for 2-3 passengers.

Ordering a ride

Prebook the cab by email: info@taksiviapori.fi or by calling +358 050 3584686. You can also book the cab via booking calendar.

If you don’t want to book in advance, you can try to get a ride by calling +358 503048 566 and if there are no bookings the cab is at your service.

More information: Taksi Viapori website or Taksi Viapori Facebook.