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Tips for a sustainable visit

Suomenlinna is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that must be preserved for future generations. You can help us with the preservation of the sea fortress when you visit Suomenlinna. The following tips help make your visit more sustainable.

Stay on the marked paths

Certain parts of the sea fortress are prone to wearing down. We request that you stay on the marked paths in these areas. Suomenlinna is also home to rare and protected plants, trees and buildings that must be left undisturbed. Please note that even areas that seem safe may feature unexpected precipices, so staying on the marked paths is also important for your own safety.

Sort your waste

Please put your trash in a bin. There are many recycling points at Suomenlinna where you can sort your waste.

Take the local community into consideration

Suomenlinna is home to approximately 800 inhabitants. Please respect their privacy by staying on the paths marked on the map. The local inhabitants’ private yards are marked on the guides. You can find the map online or pick one up at the Suomenlinna Tourist Information next to the ferry pier. You will also see signs around the sea fortress indicating the recommended blue route.

Use the services on the island

You can support Suomenlinna’s organisations and entrepreneurs by using the services provided on the island. The sea fortress features several cosy restaurants and cafés. There are also interesting museumsguided tours and art exhibitions.

Open for visitors all year round

You can also visit Suomenlinna outside the summer season. A winter visit is sure to reveal new aspects of Suomenlinna. There are services available on Suomenlinna all year round. For information on the opening hours of the services, please refer to our event calendar.

Observe the rules and regulations

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Suomenlinna has its own rules and regulations. The rules are different from those governing the rest of Helsinki, as Suomenlinna is subject to special protection. Please note that open fires and barbecuing food are prohibited at Suomenlinna.

Thank you for helping us protect World Heritage!

More information

The conservation efforts are guided by the Suomenlinna management plan.
The sustainable tourism strategy for Suomenlinna serves the dual objectives of site conservation and tourism development.