Kävijöitä Kustaanmiekan valleilla iltahämärässä.

Regulations and instructions

Instructions for filming

The land and water areas of Suomenlinna belong to the Finnish State and are administered by the Governing Body of Suomenlinna, which reports to the Ministry of Education and Culture. The fortress, being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and its sensitive nature require stricter restrictions than in other public urban areas. The Governing Body of Suomenlinna protects the dignity of this national monument and World Heritage Site.

Photography and filming are permitted in the outdoor areas of Suomenlinna, provided that they do not disturb the peace of residents and visitors or harm the environment or structures of the fortress. Photography and filming of private courtyard areas and constructions sites for publication is prohibited to ensure protection of privacy.

The owner or leaseholder of the premises, for example a restaurateur, may grant permission for indoor filming and photography within the said premises. Parties who have rented conference and banqueting facilities are also free to take photographs and film within these facilities. With regard to ferries and waterbuses, permissions for photography and filming should be enquired from the operator. (Enquiries with regard to ferries: Suomenlinnan liikenne. Enquiries with regard to waterbuses: JT-Line.)

Permission for photography and filming and additional information

The Governing Body should be contacted well in advance before the photography/filming session. The Governing Body will advise on the compliance with the World Heritage values, the selection of locations and the arrangement of schedules so that they harmonise with other activities in the fortress (construction sites, outdoor events, other photographers and film-makers).

Photography or filming groups need permission for photography and filming and an outdoor area use permit if

  • a specific area needs to be reserved for photography/filming
  • maintenance traffic or electricity is required
  • heavy filming or photographic equipment is used.

The permission holder agrees to remain within the agreed area, to respect the restrictions imposed on maintenance vehicles and parking and to be responsible for appropriately guiding and informing the public on the agreed filming locations.

For further information, please fill in the enquiry on shooting location or contact event coordinator paula.lappalainen@suomenlinna.fi / 0295 338 335.