Suomenlinnan kirkko lautalta kuvattuna. Merisumu tuo kuvaan hyisen kylmän tunnelman.

Regulations and instructions



All visitors to Suomenlinna visit at their own risk. There are several dangerous cliffs in Suomenlinna which are largely unfenced. Passing vessels may cause dangerously high waves and strong currents on the waterfront. Parents must supervise their children.

No entry is allowed to construction sites and closed areas. All activities threatening the safety or restricting the free movement of the public are forbidden. It is prohibited to disturb residents and visitors to the island by causing noise. Noisy activities are prohibited between 10 pm and 7 am.

Protection of buildings and fortification works

The buildings and fortification works of Suomenlinna are protected by the Antiquities Act. Damaging or defacing the buildings, fortification works and artillery pieces is forbidden. Posting advertisements or signs is forbidden.

Open fires and barbecues

Open fires and barbecues, including disposable barbecues, are prohibited throughout Suomenlinna. Residents may light barbecues in the vicinity of their dwellings and on their rented vegetable plots.

Street music and peddling

Street music and peddling are prohibited without permission from the landowner.

Intoxicating substances

Pursuant to the Public Order Act, the consumption of intoxicating substances is prohibited in public places, built-up areas and public transport conveyances. Under the law, the consumption in public of alcoholic beverages and the conduct associated therewith may not prevent or unreasonably interfere with the right of others to use the place for its proper purpose. The consumption of alcoholic beverages in Suomenlinna is prohibited on the roads and at the roadside, in built-up squares, at the sights, in public jetty areas, in children’s playgrounds, on sports fields, on beaches and in residential areas.

Camping, canopies and structures

Camping or setting up canopies, tents or other structures on the terrain or closing off areas for private purposes is prohibited. Overnight accommodation is available in Hostel Suomenlinna or in Villa Silo. Loitering or camping in residential areas is prohibited.

Motor vehicles and bicycles

The use and parking of motor vehicles is restricted. Suomenlinna has been developed as a car-free area. A local speed limit of 20 km/h is in force in Suomenlinna. Only service traffic is permitted on the Susisaari and Kustaanmiekka islands. Cycling is permitted on the roads only. The sandbanks are protected structures; cycling on the sandbanks is strictly forbidden.


There is a 10 km/h speed limit in the water areas of Suomenlinna, and creating waves is forbidden. Visitors may bring their own boats to Suomenlinna, but these may only be moored at the guest harbour. The other quays are reserved for the use of public transport, the Defence Forces, the Frontier Guard or residents. Mooring boats anywhere else is strictly forbidden because of the waves caused by passing vessels.

Animals and vegetation

Pets must be keep on a leash and away from children’s playing areas and beaches. The animal’s minder is responsible for collecting the animal’s droppings. Birds, birds’ nests and wild animals must not be disturbed or harmed.

Suomenlinna has many rare and protected plants, trees and bushes. They may not be collected, picked or damaged. Lilac branches may not be picked. In order to protect the vegetation, visitors are advised to stay on the marked routes.

Supervision of the regulations and sanctions

These rules have been supplied to the police, the authorities on the island and its residents. General law and order is maintained by the police. The Governing Body of Suomenlinna and approved security firms also supervise compliance with the regulations. Any breach of the regulations of Suomenlinna is sanctioned according to what has been issued in the applicable law or decree pertaining to that particular breach.