Suomenlinna 100 years

2018 is the 100th anniversary of the Finnish reign over the fortress. During the anniversary, we will commemorate the history of Suomenlinna and the lives of its residents throughout the period.

At the turn of 1917 and 1918, the fortress was used as the Russian garrison. In those days, it was still known by its original name Sveaborg or Viapori in Finnish. The fortress became officially part of independent Finland on 12 May 1918 when the flag of Finland was hoisted for the first time on bastion Zander at Kustaanmiekka. The fortress was renamed Suomenlinna at the same occasion.

In 2018, we will commemorate not only the centenary of the Finnish reign over the fortress, but also the Finnish Civil War, which broke out 100 years ago, and the prison camps it brought to the island. The 1918 prison camp is a dark phase in the history of Suomenlinna. The prison camp on Suomenlinna was the second largest camp set up in Finland as a result of the Civil War.

Events in Suomenlinna around the anniversary year

The Governing Body of Suomenlinna and its stakeholders are holding a variety of events at the fortress throughout the year.

The Finnish Defence Forces are celebrating their 100th anniversary this year, and the Military Museum will have new exhibitions. The Finnish Defence Forces will also organise events in Suomenlinna in early summer.

A musical photograph exhibition that will open on Suomenlinna in the spring will present the events of 1918 in Finland with pictures, words and sound.

In addition to the special anniversary programme, the museums, restaurants and cafés and other services on Suomenlinna will serve visitors throughout the year.

Previously closed spaces open to the public

The Karzer wing and the air surveillance centre IVAK will open to the public for the first time on guided tours in spring 2018. Tours are organized by Ehrensvärd-society. IVAK is an air surveillance centre on the Susisaari island. It was used during the Second World War. The Karzer wing is a former prison in the Ehrensvärd Crown Castle on the island of Iso Mustasaari. Visit to the Karzer wing is part of a special tour for the year of remembrance 1918.

The anniversary events will be added to the events calendar after their details are confirmed. The opening hours of services are also available in the calendar. Follow the events of the anniversary year and share your own experiences using the hashtag #Suomenlinna2018.