How to get there

Information for groups

You can purchase Helsinki Regional Traffic (HSL) tourist tickets in advance for all members of your group. The tickets and the invoice are sent to you by post. Tourist tickets are valid from the first time they are used to pay for a journey. Tickets must be ordered in advance, at least two weeks before the trip. More information from HSL customer service.

Buying a HSL group ticket

From a ticket machine:

  1. Select SINGLE TICKET.
  2. Select SUOMENLINNA TICKET (adult/child).
  3. Enter the NUMBER OF MEMBERS IN THE GROUP in the bottom right-hand corner.

After these steps, select the payment method and print the tickets.

JT-Line group tickets

Large groups visiting Suomenlinna by waterbus should notify JT-Line in advance so that they are prepared for a large group at a specific time. Please note that the waterbus admits passengers in the order of arrival, so groups should ensure that they arrive at the waterbus terminal well before the scheduled departure time (at least 15 minutes before).

Tickets can be bought on board or at the Market Square ticket booth with cash or debit/credit card. If agreed in advance, payment by invoice is also possible. If the invoice option is used, an extra €5 is added to the total. More information from JT-Line.