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Wonderfully cheerful and sweet Adlerfelt is housed in a magnificent 250-year-old building in the world’s most beautiful World Heritage Site, Suomenlinna. A familiar fun group of people behind the cute neighboring island of Lonna will be making sure there is a lot of laughter and joy in Suomenlinna also in the future.

Adlerfelt can be visited whether to enjoy a refreshing beverage or a full dinner. Or anything in between. For Adlerfelt, the most important thing about your visit is to provide that sweet moment when everything feels just right. Put that pure smile on your face. Through such feelings you will always remember those beautiful moments and places you happily return again and again. Adlerfelt is that happy place for you and everybody. The place where everybody is warmly welcome, regardless of age, gender or origin.

Adlerfelt’s food ideology guiding principle is responsible selection of ingredients. The culinary scene of the world is the stomping ground resulting in an inspiring selection of delicacies suitable for the ever-changing seasons and moments. Every day a captivating menu is shared exclusively at the property to guarantee fresh ingredients, enable a diverse daily menu and minimize food waste. So most likely every time you visit, there will be something new to taste. Whether you desire to eat a wonderful long dinner, share several dishes with friends or just grab a quick lunch you are invited to enjoy the Adlerfelt. There will always be half and a full serving of all the dishes, as well as a few nice side dishes. And hey, of course the desserts!

Suomenlinna’s cheerful Adlerfelt brings joy to the island guests all year round. See you at the happy Adlerfelt!

Accessibility: The building’s is accessible also with wheelchair. There are accessible toilet facilities.

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