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In addition to the beautiful location, a successful conference or party at Suomenlinna includes good food and entertainment as well as a refreshing sea voyage to take you away from your everyday routines.

The rental of the conference and banquet facilities of the Governing Body of Suomenlinna does not include any services; therefore, you should order the food, entertainment and transportation services you require directly from the service provider.

We have gathered information on the various sea travel options as well as the catering service providers operating in Suomenlinna to make planning your event as easy as possible.

The Suomenlinna conference and banquet facilities sales service only rents the facilities as they are. Lunch and other catering services for conferences and parties can be ordered from the service providers.

The Suomenlinna catering and restaurant service providers are familiar with our facilities, making planning occasions with them easy. All service providers operate locally in Suomenlinna, which makes organising an event much easier.

Information about restaurants in Suomenlinna you can find here.

The fortress offers year-round accommodation at the Hostel Suomenlinna  and Villa Silo near the main pier.

The hostel has 40 beds, divided between both smaller private rooms and larger group rooms.

The interior design at Villa Silo breathes Suomenlinna history with a touch of archipelago style. The apartment is well equipped and up to four adults can find accommodation there. The equipment includes a double bed, a foldable sofa bed, a kitchen and a bathroom.

More information  here.

Note! As a tenant of our facilities, you get a 10% discount on the accommodation iat the Hostel Suomenlinna! When booking, please use the code: SLHK

Suomenlinna is easily accessible by ferry from the Kauppatori market square. The crossing to Suomenlinna on the Helsinki City Transport ferry takes only 15 minutes, throughout the year and regardless of the weather.

During the summer season, the water bus operates from the Kauppatori market square to the Suomenlinna Centre and King’s Gate piers. A maintenance ferry crosses to Suomenlinna from Katajanokka from Monday to Friday during the day. Several large cars may be transported on the maintenance ferry. The maintenance ferry is a good way to transport large amounts of goods to the island, provided that the schedules match your needs.

You can move around the fortress on foot, but those renting conference and banquet facilities may bring a vehicle to the island for maintenance purposes, such as transporting goods. The event organisers should familiarise themselves with the ferry schedules and the booking process for booking car space on the ferries. Transporting vehicles on the ferry is subject to a charge. It is recommended that vehicle transportation is booked well in advance through Suomenlinnan Liikenne. The last ferry leaves Suomenlinna for the mainland at 2 am, with the next one not departing until 6 am, so don’t miss your ferry!

Groups can book their trip to Suomenlinna as part of a group package provided by the Ehrensvärd Society. Organisers can also book a separate water bus transport from a transport operator. The price varies depending on the place of departure and the size of the group and the ship.

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Photographer Dorit Salutskij lives in Suomenlinna and photographs different occasions and events.

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Lonna is a small island between Market square and Suomenlinna. You can get there in summertime by waterbus. The waterbus service runs from May through September. From Lonna you can find restaurant, meeting- and banquet facilities as well as events. More information and bookings from here.