Guided tours and groups

Recreational outings

Throughout the year, Suomenlinna is a popular place to organise events promoting well-being in work environments and communities. The maritime fortress offers various opportunities ranging from cultural experiences to sporting activities and fine dining.

Ehrensvärd Society’s programme

Ehrensvärd Society offers guided walking tours, drama tours, sailings with the Cannon Sloop Diana as well as sport activities and other outdoor programme produced by Ehrensvärd Society’s partner companies. There is something for both first time visitors to Suomenlinna and those who already have knowledge of the history of the fortress. Ehrensvärd Society can help organise all components of the visit, from the guided tours to dining and waterbus tickets. Read more about the programmes here.

Planning the day independently

It is possible to organise a recreational day for your company at Suomenlinna without the services provided in the fortress. When planning the programme for your outing, please bear in mind that Suomenlinna is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Read more about how to visit Suomenlinna with care. There are specific rules for organising events in Suomenlinna. Please read these instructions before planning your event.

If your group is large, please make sure that you have the required permission from the Governing Body of Suomenlinna.