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Restaurant Walhalla, Sun Terrace & Bar are closed in 2022-2023. The premises will undergo a major renovation, after which the restaurant will be looking for a new entrepreneur. The restaurant aims to open again in the summer of 2024.

Walhalla, located on the southern tip of Suomenlinna, was opened in 1952 for entertaining guests attending the Helsinki Olympics. The restaurant’s name Walhalla is derived from a secret company of the same name that operated in Viapori in the 1780s. The Walhalla society was considered a link between circles hostile to King Gustav III in Finland.

Restaurant Walhalla has been known for its gourmet delicacies and high-quality wine selection. The observation terrace offers a magnificent sea view.

Interested in resuming the restaurant business in Walhalla after the renovation? For this, please contact