Kuvassa syreenipensas, jonka edessä pelasturengas ja merimaisema.

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How do I get to Suomenlinna?

The Helsinki City Transport ferry operates throughout the year to Suomenlinna. The ferry journey takes about 15 minutes. During the summer season, you can also get to Suomenlinna on the waterbus, which stops at the Artillery Bay pier and the King’s Gate. For visitors arriving by private boat, the Suomenlinna guest harbour is the only permitted landing place on the island.

When is Suomenlinna open for visits?

Suomenlinna is a district of Helsinki and is open to visits every day of the year. Some tourist services on the island are only open during the summer season (May-September), but there are many services available in the winter as well.

How much is the entrance fee to Suomenlinna?

There is no entrance fee to the fortress. Visitors only have to pay for the crossing to Suomenlinna and back. Please note that the ferry ticket does not include entrance to the museums on the island; each museum has its own separate entrance charge. More information on museum prices and opening hours here.

Can I store luggage somewhere in Suomenlinna?

There is no luggage storage service in Suomenlinna. Most roads are gravel and some of them are paved with cobblestones. Therefore, we don’t recommend taking luggage to Suomenlinna.

Can I get to Suomenlinna via the service tunnel?

Unfortunately this is not possible. In 1976–1980, a narrow tunnel was built from Suomenlinna. District heating, water and cables go through the tunnel. The narrow passage in the tunnel, suitable for a car, is only meant for emergency vehicles and for the use of the authorities.

Can you rent bicycles in Suomenlinna? Is there a minitrain or horses on the island?

Bicycles, prams, trolleys or wheelchairs cannot be rented in Suomenlinna.

You can move around Suomenlinna on foot. The island has many cobblestoned roads which may make moving around with a wheelchair or pram difficult. A map showing routes suitable for a wheelchair is available here.

You can also cycle in Suomenlinna, but only on the marked routes. Cycling on the sandbanks is forbidden, as they are protected parts of the fortification. Transporting bicycles on the ferry and waterbus is subject to a charge. Suomenlinna is a car-free zone where only service vehicles are allowed. Transporting cars on the ferries is subject to a charge. Reservations should be made in advance from Suomenlinnan Liikenne.

Where is the castle?

Suomenlinna is a maritime fortress and there is no actual castle, even though the name Suomenlinna (Castle of Finland) suggests it.

How many inhabitants are there in Suomenlinna?

Approximately 800 people live in Suomenlinna, and about 400 people work on the island throughout the year.

How do you get to live in Suomenlinna?

There are approximately 350 apartments in Suomenlinna. Most of these are state-owned rental apartments. In addition, there are a few private houses. The Governing Body of Suomenlinna is responsible for renting, repairing and maintaining the state-owned apartments.

Each free apartment must be applied for separately, and there is no waiting list. Apartments rarely come on the market; usually only a few become available each year. The Governing Body of Suomenlinna announces available apartments on its website.

What is a good place for a barbecue in Suomenlinna?

There are no designated grilling places in Suomenlinna. Lighting an open fire and grilling is forbidden throughout Suomenlinna. The use of disposable barbecues is also forbidden.

You may, however, enjoy snacks and packed lunches brought from home or bought on the island. Please take your rubbish with you or use the rubbish bins provided in the area.

Are there any restaurants in Suomenlinna?

Suomenlinna has 11 restaurants and cafés. Most of the restaurants are open only during the summer season, but some serve visitors throughout the year. Read more up-to-date information on the opening hours of the restaurants and cafés here.

Can you stay overnight in Suomenlinna?

You can stay the night in Hostel Suomenlinna or in Villa Silo. Both are open throughout the year. Read more about accommodation in Suomenlinna here. Camping in Suomenlinna is forbidden.

Is there a cash machine in Suomenlinna?

There are no cash machines in Suomenlinna. Debit and credit cards are accepted in most places.

Is it possible to visit the caves? Where are the caves?

There are no caves in Suomenlinna, but there are tunnels within the fortification. Some tunnels are open to visitors. Visitors enter the tunnels at their own risk. Torches may come in handy, especially when exploring the longer tunnels. Most of the tunnels are located on the Kustaanmiekka and Susisaari islands, and their openings are marked on the visitor’s map.

Are dogs allowed in Suomenlinna?

Yes. The same rules apply to dogs in Suomenlinna as elsewhere in Helsinki: Dogs should be kept on a leash and not be let near children’s playgrounds or on the beach. The owner or the person responsible for the dog must also dispose of its droppings. Guide dogs and other assistance dogs are welcome at all Suomenlinna’s sights and places of interest.

Is fishing allowed in Suomenlinna?

Angling is what is known as an ‘everyman’s right’ in Finland, therefore no permission is required. Spinning requires payment of the national fishery fee.