Sustainable tourism

Measurement and monitoring

It is important to measure and monitor how sustainable tourism is realised. For each principle of sustainable tourism, the Governing Body of Suomenlinna has created indicators that are used in monitoring sustainable tourism. The monitoring method used is the LAC method that is based on the limits of acceptable change. The monitoring indicators described the realisation of Suomenlinna’s principles of sustainable tourism in the area.

The monitoring takes into account ecological, socio-cultural and economic impacts. The LAC method is based on deciding the allowable extent of environmental impacts. Each monitoring indicator is assigned not only a targeted value but also a limit that is the lowest or highest acceptable value. When the limit is reached, pre-determined measures to remedy the situation are applied.

See here Suomenlinna’s sustainable tourism indicators and monitoring 2021 (pdf).

The Governing Body of Suomenlinna actively monitors, for example, the monthly number of visitors, the satisfaction of residents and the wear on the fortress. See the table for more information on the principles and associated indicators.