Lautalta talviyönä kohti Suomenlinnaa.

Other services


Bastion Bistro sauna

The sauna at Bastion Bistro has capacity for eight people and the Fireplace Cabinet accommodates 16. Catering for your event can be ordered from the restaurant.

Restaurant Suomenlinna Officers’ Club

The Officers’ Club sauna facilities can be booked for events with a maximum of 15 people. The facility also has a lounge with a fireplace. The members of the Officers’ Club can rent the facilities every day, and they are available for non-members to rent on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Food and beverages can be ordered for delivery to the facilities from the club restaurant. There is no access to swimming facilities from the sauna.

Lonna sauna

There are both men and women’s loft saunas in Lonna island which is part of Suomenlinna. Saunas are heated up with wood burning stoves. Both saunas can accommodate up to 24 guests at a time. Lonna sauna is public and can’t be rented for private events. Read more about Lonna island and sauna.