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Conference facilities

Tynnyrintekijä meeting room, max. 12

The Tynnyrintekijä meeting room is a peaceful facility for hosting small meetings.

Curtain Hamilton-Polhem, max. 20

This small meeting room is located on Susisaari island, next to the garrison sports field. During the administration of the Defence Forces, the building was used as the equipment storage facility for the coastal artillery regiment. Since then, the building has been known locally as ‘Rättis’.

Piirtämö, max. 30

Piirtämö, renovated in the former premises of the National Board of Antiquities, is a light and spacious conference room. The windows open onto Tykistölahti bay.

Pajasali hall, max. 52

The Pajasali hall is a light and peaceful conference room situated on the ground floor of the Pirunkirkko banquet hall. The entrance is through the sea-side door.

Ballast room, max. 54

Ballast room, the auditorium of Suomenlinna, is a tall, vaulted space with stone walls. The auditorium can seat 54 persons, and the adjacent kitchen has tables and chairs for 20 persons.

Gunpowder Magazine, max. 60

Originally, Suomenlinna was equipped with several gunpowder magazines for protecting the gunpowder from moisture and enemy fire. One of the two remaining magazines has been transformed into a meeting & banquet facility.

Tenaille von Fersen, max. 170

The renovated banquet hall is located in the old granary of the fortification’s bakery, built in 1775. The rough and lively surface of the tall tile vaults gives the hall its distinctive look. The north-side windows of the hall open onto the dock basin.