Plan your visit ahead by reading the brochures. By clicking the links below, you can download PDF brochures in different languages. The Sea Fortress Suomenlinna brochure is available in nine languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese.

The brochure has a map of the fortress and basic information on the history, sights and services on the island. Check the calendar for more information on the times when the services are available.

Printed brochures in different languages can be obtained from the tourist information point at the Jetty Barracks.

Sea Fortress Suomenlinna (in English)

Merilinnoitus Suomenlinna (in Finnish)

Sjöfästningen Sveaborg (in Swedish)

Морская крепость Суоменлинна (in Russian)

Die Seefestung Suomenlinna  (in German)

La Forteresse Maritime de Suomenlinna (in French)

La Fortaleza Insular de Suomenlinna (in Spanish)

海上要塞 スオメンリンナ (in Japanese)

芬兰城堡海上要塞  (in Chinese)


Suomenlinna map for children

If you are visiting the fortress with kids, make sure to visit the tourist information point to get your copy of the Suomenlinna map for children. The map is available in English, Finnish and Swedish.