Plan your visit

Getting around

Suomenlinna is meant to be seen on foot. Many of its roads are paved with cobblestones, so you need to wear comfortable walking shoes.

Suomenlinna is a car-free zone where only service vehicles are allowed. There are no minibuses or trains, nor are there any bicycles for hire.

All main sights are situated along the Blue main route which runs across the fortress. The route is marked with blue direction signs and shown on the information maps.

The Suomenlinna maritime fortress is a challenging environment for people with impaired mobility because of the fortifications and rocky terrain. The Accessibility section provides more information and tips for people with impaired mobility planning a visit to Suomenlinna.

In Suomenlinna, the streets have no names. Postal addresses consist of the letter of the island and the number of the house. A = Kustaanmiekka, B = Susisaari, C = Iso Mustasaari, D = Pikku Mustasaari and E = Länsi-Mustasaari. So, the address of, say, Jetty Barracks, located on Iso Mustasaari island near the main quay, is C 1.

On duty

The employees of the Governing Body of Suomenlinna mostly ride bicycles on the islands. If you see a black bicycle with a number plate, it is on duty.

Tips for your visit

Tourist information at the fortress is open all year around and can be found at the pink Jetty Barracks building right by the ferry quay.