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Gunpowder Magazine, max. 60

Originally, Suomenlinna was equipped with several gunpowder magazines for protecting the gunpowder from moisture and enemy fire. One of the two remaining magazines has been transformed into a banquet facility.

Myllysali hall, recommendation 60, max. 72

The Myllysali hall is located in the middle of the fortress, in the Tenaille von Fersen. A horse-drawn grinding mill was originally located in the room. The beautiful vaulted hall is lit by a large window, which opens onto the dry docks.

Pirunkirkko banquet hall, max. 120

The Pirunkirkko banquet hall is an atmospheric room that can accommodate up to 120 people. The banquet hall is divided by a vaulted colonnade and furnished by long grey tables and benches that fit with the look of the room.

Tenaille von Fersen, max. 200

The renovated banquet hall is located in the old granary of the fortification’s bakery, built in 1775. The rough and lively surface of the tall tile vaults gives the hall its distinctive look.