Photo Workshop in the summer: Suomenlinna – Islands of Light


Explore Helsinki’s fabulous sea fortress through the lens of your camera! Spend a summer day exploring the limitless visual attractions of Suomenlinna, discovering new views and comparing notes with fellow photo enthusiasts. The English-language workshop tutor is Tim Bird, photographer and author of “Suomenlinna – Islands of Light”.

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Guided walking tours in summer 2017


A guided walking tour will shed light on the history of Suomenlinna. Tours in English are organised every day at 11 am., 12.30 pm. and 2.30 pm.

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Did you know that...

Constructing began in 1748

Reinforcing the defences of Finland, then a part of Sweden, was deemed necessary. In 1747, the Swedish parliament made a decision to build a central fortress including a naval base in Helsinki. Fortification work begun the following year.

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One of Finland's World Heritage Sites

In 1991, the Suomenlinna fortress was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List as a unique monument of military architecture. Another special feature of the fortress is that in the course of its history it has served in the defence of three realms: Sweden, Russia and Finland.

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Beautiful all year around

When is Suomenlinna open for visits? How do I get to Suomenlinna? Find an answer to these and many other frequently asked questions about Suomenlinna.

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Get to know Suomenlinna

See Suomenlinna from a bird's view and go inside tunnels and restaurants from home or your hotel room. You can choose summer or winter version. Click below to Suomenlinna Skyview service.

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