Cannon Sloop Diana

More than 200 years ago Viapori’s archipelago fleet, which participated in the large sea battle at Ruotsinsalmi, sailed Suomenlinna’s waters. Next summer, you can step aboard cannon sloop Diana, which has been built according to its 1700s role models, and sail the coastal waters of Suomenlinna.

The cannon sloop that belonged to the archipelago fleet was a shallow draft and heavily armed ship, which could be sailed and rowed. Cannon sloop Diana is based on the drawings prepared by Ship Architect Fredrik Henrik af Chapman, and old documents of the Swedish fleet’s drawings office. The ship was built during 2010-2015 using traditional building materials and construction methods at Suomenlinna’s shipyard. Diana is Finland’s first electrical passenger ship at sea. The ship may be sailed and rowed, and the cannon can be fired, just as onboard its role models from the Age of Enlightenment.

Experience an 18th century sea adventure

Set of on a memorable sea voyage to Suomenlinna’s coastal waters by sailing in a 1700s atmosphere. Sailing Diana offers a living experience of what it was once like to sail the ship. Participants can choose to assist the crew, who are dressed in 1700s uniforms, in raising and lowering the sails. The sailing season starts in May and continues on to the end of September. Tours are organised on request for groups.

In addition, open days for public will be held during the summer:

  • Public sailings and family sailings in summertime on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays 28th June -5th August and Saturdays, 12th, 19th and 26th August.

Pre-book your tickets online or call  +358 (0)9 6841850. Pre-booking closes the night before the sailing.

Sailing day tickets: Ehrensvärd Society +358 (0)9 6841850. Sailing day tickets can also be enquired from Tykistölahti kiosk in the fortress before the departure.

More information from the gun sloop’s Facebook page, Instagram and from the Ehrensvärd Society.

The Swedish era

The fortification work began in 1748 on the Susiluodot islands off Helsinki, the location of present-day Suomenlinna.

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Dry dock

The dry dock in Suomenlinna is the oldest in Finland and one of the oldest operational dry docks in Europe.

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