Kuvassa näkyy valkoinen kukkaketo, jonka taustalla Suomenlinnan muuria

Suomenlinnan ajankohtaista

Safety in Suomenlinna during COVID-19 – services to open in April


Services are now starting to be opened up following national government guidelines, as cafés and restaurants got to open their doors for customers on April 19, which means you can now get to enjoy good food and drinks in Suomenlinna too. You can enjoy the outdoors, along with the culture and many sights to behold both inside and outside the beautiful sea fortress. Read more

Safety in Suomenlinna during COVID-19


As a neighbourhood of Helsinki, the same COVID-19 regulations apply to Suomenlinna as to the whole Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Read more about safety in Suomenlinna during COVID-19 from the news item. This news item will be updated when instructions become more specific along with the COVID-19 situation and the authorities’ guidelines. Read more

Midsummer on Suomenlinna


Much of Helsinki is quiet during Midsummer, but the majority of the services on Suomenlinna will continue to serve visitors throughout the holidays. Read more